US set to withdraw from Open Skies Treaty with Russia: officials

The United States will officially pull out of another arms control pact with Russia on Sunday, marking the end of a six notification process to Moscow, U.S. officials told Fox News.

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Author: Lucas Tomlinson

Ex-Army Green Beret pleads guilty to conspiring with Russians

A former Army Green Beret pleaded guilty this week to conspiring with Russian intelligence sources dating as far back as the 1990s.

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Author: Bradford Betz

Acting US defense chief lauds ‘stalwart and capable ally’ UK for increase in military spending

U.S. acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller on Wednesday praised the United Kingdom for its planned significant increase in military spending, an investment the equivalent of almost $21.9 billion, which will be the largest for the nation in 30 years.

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Author: Tyler Olson

US shoots down ICBM in space from warship for first time in successful test

An intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) was shot down in space from a warship for the first time during a successful demonstration on Tuesday, according to the Missile Defense Agency (MDA).

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Author: David Aaro

How Obama-era budget controls have hurt US military readiness against growing China, Russia, Iran threats

The United States military still reigns as the most preeminent one in the world, but a new report exclusively obtained by Fox News shows that sustaining that superiority is far from guaranteed as the Pentagon still trudges through budget cuts put in place almost a decade ago.

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Author: Hollie McKay

Rep. Chip Roy: To honor our veterans and active duty military members, Congress should take these actions

Less than half of 1% of the American people serve in the armed forces, many of them within the same family. The stories of soldiers deploying four, five, or even as many as 12 times are so common they barely raise eyebrows.

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Author: Chip Roy

Ex-Marine Captain Frank ‘Gus’ Biggio: Veterans Day – Why I served

In 2009, I was one of several thousand Marines taking part in Operation Khanjar, the start of President Obama’s “surge” of military forces and civilian advisers into Afghanistan’s Helmand Province.

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Author: Frank Biggio

Vice President Pence: Veterans Day is a time to thank and appreciate heroes who have preserved our liberty

Every veteran of the armed forces of the United States is a hero to the American people. On Veterans Day, it’s our duty to tell the story of what they did for us, what they did for our country, and all that they’ve done to ensure the survival and the success of liberty.

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Author: Mike Pence

Veteran’s Day 2020: Dining deals for military personnel

Our nation’s veterans deserve our respect and admiration for the sacrifices they’ve made for this country. Some free food doesn’t hurt, either.

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Author: Fox News Staff