William Winston: Healing a divided nation – this simple truth can bring unity in troubled times

After over 30 years in ministry, I am clear that my calling is to teach people faith in God and His Kingdom and share biblical truth.

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Author: William Winston

Paul Batura: What’s there to be thankful for on this coronavirus Thanksgiving?

It’s become glib and fashionable to lament the year 2020, suggesting that our current circumstances couldn’t get much worse. I’ve certainly been guilty of such narrow-minded thinking from time to time, but I’m actually thankful we’re living in 2020 and not 100 years ago.

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Author: Paul Batura

William Vanderbloemen: Early Christmas during coronavirus? This is why I’m not waiting

I’ll start by making a confession: until the day after Thanksgiving, I give the Grinch a run for his money.  

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Author: William Vanderbloemen

Rabbi Dr. Ari Lamm: Want to feel better about our election? Learn these lessons from the Bible

The Bible isn’t some antiquated relic; it’s a moral masterwork that helps us discuss our most pressing and painful questions — the ones mere policy squabbles cannot address.

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Author: Rabbi Dr. Ari Lamm

Sen. Chris Coons: Joe Biden is a man of faith dedicated to serving others — as president he can heal America

I’ve had the great privilege of knowing Joe Biden for 30 years. Among the many reasons I’m voting to make him our next president is that his extraordinary and selfless public service is guided by faith.

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Author: Sen. Chris Coons

Jim Daly: Even Trump’s enemies should pray for him — here’s why

I hope those who disagree with President Trump will still pray for him. It’s in the best interest of all Americans for their president and first family to be vibrant and healthy.

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Author: Jim Daly

Jim Daly: Amy Coney Barrett and Scalia – she shares this with the legendary justice

The Senate Judiciary Committee and then the full Senate will soon be tasked with reviewing Barrett’s personal and professional record, fulfilling their “advise and consent” responsibilities. 

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Author: Jim Daly

Rabbi Sam Bregman: Jewish High Holidays during pandemic will be different, but hold timeless message for all

For Jews around the world, sundown Friday begins the annual High Holiday season, starting with the Jewish New Year of Rosh Hashana, followed by Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement) 10 days later.

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Author: Rabbi Sam (Shlomo Zalman) Bregman

Paul Alster: Israeli Jews are improving their relations with Arabs — but not with each other

I and a growing number of Israelis like me believe our biggest existential threat is that of internal turmoil caused by a breakdown in our society.

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Author: Paul Alster

Kroger store in Tennessee hires homeless woman — and changes her life

A Kroger supermarket in Nashville, Tenn., took a chance on LaShenda Williams almost a year ago, hiring a woman who was once homeless and living in her car after losing two jobs.

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Author: Cortney Moore